Heritage Modern

One turn-of-the-century foursquare, one top-to-bottom redesign, one baby on the way. With their family expanding from two to three, this modest home in a cherished Minneapolis neighborhood transformed into a calming yet highly-functional space ready to welcome home little ones and remaining relevant for generations.


Pairings | Stone Cairns, Tapestries, Petrichor


Featured by Martha Stewart in a beautiful eight-page spread, in print and online. Follow the link for the design philosophies and resources that made this project one of a kind.

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“I didn’t want it to feel like Wyoming knotty-wood ski chalet, but more Wes Anderson,” Sass says. “It’s a little more whimsical, a bit cliché almost.”  Read more about this kids’ bedroom and bathroom in Domino.

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A concept crafted from a single word: Homeostasis.

We built a restorative world for a busy family to escape into – full of handmade and locally sourced pieces, comfortably worn vintage moments, and meaningful heirlooms.