Nourishing Retreat

Imagine stepping into a Nancy Meyers’ movie home, everything tastefully comfortable, just this side of traditional but instantly welcoming. A gathering, cozy and flattering lighting, a warm yet fresh palette. Channeling classic 1990s Diane Keaton’s effortless style, and that perfect balance of a cultured country home you might only find in the Hamptons.

PAIRINGS | English Tea, Daisies, Pride & Prejudice


When Sass did her first walk-through, she noticed lot of books and fair number of mementos and antiques. “Our minds went to sets from Nora Ephron movies like ‘You’ve Got Mail’—female-centric, eclectic, and a little shabby-chic,” Sass says, adding that the team also channeled classic Ralph Lauren and Laura Ashely with florals, buttery colors, and soft shapes.

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