This collection is a product of midwestern minds. There is an earnest elementalism paired with a trendless kind of magical thinking that I believe is perhaps heightened by our monastically long winters and seasonal intensity. We are surrounded by great expanses of time and space that allow us to dream deeper and wilder.

In Philosophy, Ontologia is the study of existence and the collection is a play on what it means to exist. In the uniqueness of each piece, personality is shaped by their individual responses to light and each “personality” expresses a unique character. The collection invites us to ponder how we live with things and how things live with us.


“When two longstanding Minneapolis creative forces — Jackson Schwartz, head of the lighting company Hennepin Made and Victoria Sass, founder of interior design studio Prospect Refuge — team up to create a new lighting collection, you can expect the results to be thoughtful conversation starters.”

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Lighting is jewelry, sculpture, artwork. We are very engaged in thinking about our work in private interior spaces as artistic expressions, experiential installations. We’d like us to move through and beyond the function and form of interior design into engaging in a conversation, eliciting emotion.

Hennepin Made

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